Visualizing my experience of Amal Fellowship

Shayza Majid
2 min readFeb 19, 2021

Revisiting the memories of the beginning of fellowship was not that hard. The amazing experience remained entirely fresh in my mind all the way through this journey of learning. So, the fun part is about visualization and creativity. Well, the sweets remind me of the first two weeks. The chocolates actually.

Why? Why specifically the chocolates?

Umm, because I was really excited to learn and adjust in the fellowship. I met so many beautiful and sweet souls as my batchmates. They all were from diverse backgrounds and had magical stories. We shared our life map that truly opened the doors of comfort and gratitude. We got to know each other and made some amazing lifelong friends.

Another reason is about the concept of Leadership!

We learned that leadership is not about the authority but the responsibility and how we incorporate it daily. This really reminds me of the “Lollipop Moments”. The 3 C’s of leadership:

· Confidence

· Consistency

· Conviction

I felt extremely fascinated after I redefined my definition of leadership in the form of the little actions of our daily life practicing the leadership skill. These insightful concepts really helped me and I proudly tell others to redefine their understanding as well.

We also, studied about “Visiting the balcony of life”. It was my favorite part as it was highly relatable and simply a beautiful act. When we connect with our selves by connecting the dots of our past and planning the future, we actually feel a sense of confidence in us that yes, we are working and doing something for us. That bitterness about past or anxiety about future that keeps on going in our mind really gets a way through a pen and paper by writing it down in the form of our smart goals.

Therefore, these were the reasons why chocolates remind me of this splendid journey of Amal Fellowship! A door towards sweet memories! 😊