Taking Flight !

Shayza Majid
3 min readMar 3, 2021

The most interesting days of a learning journey are the first and last days. On the first day, we were nervous and tried to fit in. On the last day, we felt overwhelmed with the grief-stricken emotions for being not able to continue the journey.

I also had somewhat similar sentiments but I actually felt mixed emotions. I was sad as the fellowship was ending but I was happy in the sense that it is not the end; we will stay connected. This time around, there were no recaps and discussions about the courses and projects. We only talked our hearts out, wrote some beautiful messages to each other and laughed a lot. It was such an amazing feeling that we were not ready to leave the session but wanted to stay and keep on chatting with each other.

Our journey did not end up with the last session but continued. We went on a meetup last week. Last Sunday, we went to Mushkpuri Top. It was such an amazing trip that I can’t even put it in words. There was another tourist with us in this trip. He asked me, “Are you guys cousins? Or family friends? You guys know each other very well.” I replied, “No, this is our first meetup.” Then, I told him in detail about the fellowship. He was really surprised to see our bonding as if we were long last buddies.

We plan to stay in touch through these meetups and on social media. We are also planning another meetup on upcoming weekend.

Now, about the learnings from fellowship. Well, as I always mentioned that my most favorite part was of the interview session. I learnt a lot in this fellowship and I intend to keep all those notes with me while practicing it in general as well.

I really want to thank Amal for blessing with superb buddies and life long learning lessons as well. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of Amal Fellowship. Thankyou to my facilitators, project managers and all the team of Amal Academy.