Quick guide to Growth Mindset aiding Entrepreneurship

Shayza Majid
4 min readDec 25, 2020

Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword all over the world. But the question arises, what is it actually? A goldmine? Diamond stores? A castle like company? Something totally magical like Harry Potter?

Well, we think of it in this dimension of something HUGE! Something that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to achieve! Something for which we need to go through ENCYCLOPEDIA! Something that needs BANK BALANCE first!

The blend of these myths and fears serves to be road blocks for our destinations. Entrepreneurship is all about highlighting an issue or a gap, solving the problem and implementing its solution in the form of a business. It is about turning problems into opportunities. It can be of any dimension- large scale or small-scale. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge platform or not, it is all about Faith, Dedication, Smart and Hard work, Problem-solving (Design-thinking), Consistency, Strategies, Team Work, Exploring!

Following are some quick ways to provide you all with basic insights of entrepreneurship by developing a growth mindset which can also be regarded as entrepreneur mindset because we must have flexible thinking patterns, acceptance and openness. We must leave our self-limiting beliefs far behind and learn skills from every possible source. Why am I sharing this? Well, because it all starts in head! 😉


One of my most favorite! I personally regard it as “ME TIME”. It is about pampering yourself. Before going to bed, talk to yourself about your day, your activities, productive actions, literally everything. What we feed to our minds and souls, that becomes our outcome. Serve your thoughts to your mind in optimistic way of achieving your goals and motivate yourself to face all kinds of challenges to make your mark in your field.

Get out of your comfort zone

Laying all day in cozy bed, eating popcorns and watching Netflix is not going to help you achieve your dream. You have to work out of your skins to go extra mile. You have to work hard and totally out of your comfort zone. It is all about COMMITTEMENT.

Create new habits

Visit balcony of your life, observe yourself. Turn your routine upside down and organize yourself. Make time-table, write about your new learnings, try to be productive as much possible! Think like an entrepreneur and act like entrepreneur too!

Ask for help

It is okay to ask for others experience and aid. It does not lessen your dignity. You always learn something from each individual because all of them have different perspectives and backgrounds. Show them your passion and they will help you out. Build a network and engage with people in seminars, workplace, family gatherings! But ask from the right people with right mindset not those who prefer to sit idle.

Fake it till you make it

Another favorite tip! Think of yourselves to be a business man even if you are not even close to it. What we think about ourselves and keep on pretending like that, we are actually rehearsing before performing on the stage. You will be more competent, confident and passionate.

I am implementing these already. What are you waiting for? 😉