Pomodoro technique- A solution for procrastination

Shayza Majid
3 min readJan 1, 2021

Let’s talk about something we all are totally familiar with. Often, we plan numerous things but practically we only accomplish couple of them. That voice in our head to do it LATER has rooted deeply. We keep on delaying stuff that needs our immediate attention until a deadline reaches or we start to regret for missing a splendid opportunity. For this specific yet common behavior, we use a term “Procrastination”.

Feel free to call yourself a Procrastinator! Duhh!🤦‍♀️

Ughh! Not now!

We must agree on the fact that this process of procrastination is followed by a roller-coaster ride of tiring and dull emotions. We sacrifice our sleep mostly in this regard that affects our health. But to every problem, there is a solution. There is always a loophole! Let me share a tactic to get rid of this problem.😎


Well, we can use Pomodoro technique to overcome procrastination by


· Setting a timer for 25 minutes

· Eliminating all sources of interruptions

· Noting down on a piece of paper the distractions or any thought provoking you to divert your attention

· Staying entirely focus

· Rewarding yourself by relaxing, bar of chocolate or whatever you like.

· Repeat until done

No. I am not just talking! I also experimented.✌

I had to complete an online course on Resume Building by Amal Academy this week. I was just chilling and wasting my time on social media platforms rather finishing my assigned task. So, I used this technique by following all the steps. I set a timer for 25 minutes. For wiping away the tempting distractions, I turned off my mobile phone, locked my room and focused on the course. I noted down every thought and emotion urging me to get up and run away from the course. Honestly, I was surprised for having such a list of things and ideas serving to be my distractions. What I did was I renamed them from distractions to rewards. I said I would do all of it after completing the project. Voila! It worked wonders.


I felt mesmerized head over heels for getting done with my course in 3 hours. I realized I can perform much better if I stop being a procrastinator and use this amazing technique. I worked with focus, saved time and also, enjoyed it. I did not feel tired but chills of being successful were present all over. Don’t believe me? Try it out 😉

Pomodoro Technique