Pleasure by fixing what’s broken!

Shayza Majid
3 min readDec 18, 2020

Fixing anything that is broken is simply a beautiful act. It unfolds the magical feelings of pleasure and peace. You learn and grow in numerous ways.

What do we mean by broken? It may be something related to our physical being, emotional patterns or our surrounding environment. Any thing that is even misplaced in a room can be fixed. A person going through emotional breakdown can be offered help. An individual not physically well can be taken care of. Someone can be taught how to play piano. Literally anything! Therefore, if we look around, we can always pin-point something to be fixed. Its dimension may vary from macroscopic to microscopic analysis.

Well, I focused today on arranging the stuff on my dressing table which is always a mess. Have a look:


And this is how it looked afterwards:


You must be wondering, a dressing table? Really? How she can even enjoy doing this? It is just a normal chore to be done! Duhh!

Well, always remember one thing:

‘You gain pleasure in everything you do if you want to.’

Today, I did this due to a project assigned to me to fulfill a task about fixing the stuff around me. I may not have done it due to busy routine and laziness to some extent as well. I am not an organized person. I am most of the time in hurry and leave things wherever they are. Such act sometimes serves to be a nightmare. Just like your parents, my mother scolds me to change this habit. And guess what! Whenever I clean something, she gives me a big flat smile. :D

Not only her, even I feel joy and pleasure for that very moment. It looks good when everything is arranged and cleaned. In a moment, you feel as if you are living in a castle and everything is miraculously in its place.

Let me share an interesting fact with you here about leadership.

Yes! Leadership!

Leader is someone who is responsible not authoritative. He does something to leave an impact on others. Today, when my mother felt like cherry at the top is because I behaved as a good daughter and I did something that was my responsibility. These littlest moments which affect others makes us leaders everyday and number of times, we don’t even realize. It is not about conquering the world and be a King! But the little actions in our surroundings and be a Hero!

How about you fix something around you? Be happy and be a leader too. Get up and do it! 😉