One from the pool of memories!

Shayza Majid
4 min readFeb 12, 2021

There is a world of memories where you keep your happy and sad moments buried. Sometimes, when you wander around thinking deep about your life, you often come across those memories instilling life in them and reliving all those sentiments once again in your head.

I made a lot of memories with Amal Academy as well. Honestly, to choose one from the pool of lovely memories is a challenging task. Well, for me, the best event was the mock interview and mock assessment session. It really did leave an impression.

I had never interviewed in front of a recruiter. I have undergone interview calls but having someone experienced in front of you is like a roller coaster ride of emotions because I felt nervousness, confidence, happiness, curiosity, patience all at the same time.

My experience was extremely good. In fact, let me confess something! I had already sent a thankyou e-mail to the assessors and interviewer. Later, when I opened the PW, I was like eh?

I think this gesture should really give you an idea about how I felt about the session that day. The question may have popped in your mind that what exactly the scenario was and why I felt most happy about it. My group assessors were really sweet and talented at the same time. In that activity, we really exhibited our abilities of teamwork, leadership, pro-active problem solving and design thinking, gratitude, listening and time management skills. They analyzed really deeply and gave us an appreciative yet constructive feedback. One of the assessors who could not do so, replied me back on my thankyou email whishing me best with a kind note. That really made my day.

Now, let’s talk about interview.

For my interview, I had to wait for more than an hour. It really tested my patience as I was really excited yet tired. Anyways, I wanted to be an impeccable in front of the recruiter. Finally, when I appeared for my interview, I felt really nervous in the beginning as Mr. Asfandyar was a really experienced person. Later, I had a very good control on my nerves. It went well because it was the first time for me, therefore, I knew it was not perfect yet I tried my best so I was happy.

Guess what? When he started to give me feedback, our meeting was ended by the host due to technical issues. Mr. Asfandyar being humble and responsible emailed me to join a meeting on Google Meet. He then completed his comments and wished me luck for future ventures. Really nice of him!

I used to think of interview as something really challenging and horrifying. But now, I think it is just about a little confidence and belief in one self. These activities really helped me understand the process and mindset of an recruiter to ace my future interviews.

When I shared my experience with other Amal fellows, they also noted the points where I lacked and made sure that they will avoid those stuff as well. Therefore, it worked like an advice for them. Now, I will surely look into the areas of improvement such as controlling my nerves throughout the interview, and making my strength and weakness stories more specific.

I am entirely grateful to Amal Academy for this learning journey. It really did help me in a lot of aspects. Another most favorite event was customizing our CV, cover letter and resume. Well, the list is never ending. Adios!