Shayza Majid
4 min readDec 11, 2020

It is easy to be rude and selfish but it takes loads of courage to be kind and selfless. Those rough patches of our life when we lay all day in bed with a bad mood mostly pre-occupied by anxiety and gloominess, those are the moments when you are challenged not to hurt others. Being grief-stricken, tears rolling down your rosy cheeks and shredded breaths screaming “NO MORE”, all of a sudden, your inbox pops up with a friend asking for help. You get up, put yourself together, take a deep breath and help, THAT IS KINDNESS AND BRAVERY!

While the other side of picture is when we are surrounded by positive vibes and have a big flat smile on our face, we tend to share it with others. One should not only seek help from others or connects with them in the time of need but also, when he is filled with joy head over heels.

Well, here I am going to share 5 acts of kindness I did today to brighten my day.

1. Bought a cake and ate merrily with my family

Well, there was no occasion today yet I went to bakery and bought a delicious kit-kat cake. When I came home, everyone was like: What? Seriously? (Followed by laughter's) Well, it felt really good and we all ate it with joy and happiness.

2. Shared my favorite biscuit with a kid

I went to market and I met a sweet little boy (9 or 10 years old). I was eating my favorite biscuit while he was starring at me with his cute little eyes. I felt maybe he would love to take one. I offered him the packet and he happily took it. He smiled at me and said, “Thank you!”

3. Did dishes and made coffee for my family

I am most of the time caught up with my work and assignments. Therefore, my mother mainly cooks for us. Today, I secretly went to kitchen while my mum was in her bedroom watching a movie. I washed the dishes and started making coffee with a bunch of snacks. My mother came in and she was surprised. She asked me with a smile, “What are you doing in the kitchen?” I replied, “Doing Magic to bring that smile on your face. Oh! Here it is! Pretty You!” Then, we went to the room and enjoyed tea with the movie which was rather interesting.

4. Helped my sister in her homework

She was pretty much frustrated and caught up in her homework. So, I helped her out. Gave a lecture and made her concepts on point. This not only saved her time but also, increased her knowledge. She gave me a kiss on cheek and said, “You are the best. Thankyou!”

5. Sent a REMINDER to my friends

I do this activity sometimes. I leave an empowering message to my friends I haven’t talked in a while. I did the same today. I always receive a positive feedback. One might never know how we can make someone’s day better mere with appreciating words.

See! It is not that difficult task. You can be generous in number of ways during the day. It will lighten your soul as well. Try it out! ;)