Shayza Majid
3 min readDec 18, 2020

Imagining about your aims is in complete contrast to practically doing it. When we picture them in our mind, they seem to be rainbows and unicorns. But in actual, they are hard and time-consuming acts. Therefore, we must put forth our efforts on time-to-time basis. For better understanding, I am going to share few goals about my personal development and what I did last week to achieve them.

GOAL 1: Emotional Intelligence

I want to get rid of my anxious pre-occupied nature which often serves to be a roller-coaster ride of self-doubts and negative emotions.

Task 1: Reading blogs

I read 10 different blogs on being emotionally intelligent and be anxiety free. I am sharing few links here:


Task 2: Listening to TED Talk

Talented speakers from all over the world with their mesmerizing experiences and excellent communication skills makes a difference in one’s life. I totally adore Louise Evans and Travis Bradberry in this regard. I am sharing the links to their miraculous lectures:

Here, I am also sharing the lecture of another favorite speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari:

Task 3: Meditation

Well, meditating and working out gathers peace of mind and soul. I meditated everyday at least for half an hour.

GOAL 2: Public Speaking Skills

Being an introvert, I feel hesitation towards others. I am working on improving my stage-fight for a while now. This was also a reason why I joined Amal Fellowship.

Task 1: Knowing my audience

I interacted with my mates in the fellowship to know them better. When we know our target audience, we can plan and act accordingly. Plus, I made some amazing friends too!

Task 2: Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback measures how achievable my aim is. Not only I share my opinion improving my communication skills, but also listen to the viewpoints of other members to learn and grow.

Task 3: Participation in group

I broke the ice by sharing some strategies with my group members of university project. I participated actively. I also very much try to participate in Amal Sessions held on weekends to improve my communications skills and fight the anxious emotions of what if I say something horribly wrong.

Guess what? These tasks helped me improved a lot already. I am feeling that spark in me that I am learning and I am on the path of success towards my goals. Cheers!